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As our world continues to collapse before our eyes, with its trauma and discord, how do we prevent darkness from pervading all we see? How do we assimilate these new realities, without sinking into despair? I offer the following with my well wishes, to help you navigate this disabling new terrain.

1. Go within. Whatever is happening in the world outside of you, do find ways to rest within your own heart. Here’s one way: Breathe in and out deeply, imagining that you are breathing light through your heart itself. Visualize a pure white light resting there, then see it…

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If we are willing, the COVID-19 pandemic can teach us some important lessons that have been a long time coming. We are all socially unmasked now, as we wear our physical masks, and what we see is not a flattering picture of our humanity.

Consider our treatment of animals and its relation to COVID-19. Though we still don’t know the exact origins of the virus, and reports vary on that front, it is still considered likely that the virus circulated in a “wet market” in China, a place where live animals are traded. It is believed the virus likely originated…

It’s time to reclaim joy, ease, and simple pleasures

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Here’s to your upcoming weekend. It’s two days. Just two days, and usually over before you’ve had a chance to get “dug in.” Before you can display a peaceful smile that says “Right now, at this moment, all is right with the world.” Have you forgotten that smile? You may have lost it in the last year, so it’s time to reclaim it. Even when things are not yet fully right with the world, such moments are precious — when there’s an opportunity for grace and new, life-affirming possibilities to emerge.

So to embrace the upcoming weekend before it’s come…

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Where are you in the coronavirus continuum? Are you at home feeling physically fine, yet anxious and depressed? Are you missing a loved one who’s quarantined, feeling frustrated, wanting to help? Or is the virus with you, and you’re seeking something to sustain you, to get through? For all the precious moments we are currently experiencing as a culture — both the guarded ones, and the unguarded ones — here are some thoughts to help you cultivate hope and equanimity during this challenging time.

1. Remember to monitor your beliefs about sickness. Understand that all healing occurs within you, and…

I can’t ride horses anymore. I just can’t.

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I’m not able to ride a horse anymore. After three Eastern lessons, four Western lessons, and a couple of trail rides, here’s where I’ve netted out: I just can’t do it.

It was Story that changed my mind. Story was a former show horse, and the oldest horse I’ve ever been on. He came after Oliver and Hamilton and Milo. I fell in love with all of them, though to be honest, Story I wasn’t drawn to like the others. I now realize it was because he had a lesson to teach me.

My trainer wanted me to pace him…

On the day I was born, my father visited my mother in the hospital and brought a pure, small offering: a blooming African violet, with pristine white flowers. A simple, gentle gift that was so my dad. He always felt cut flowers didn’t last as long, and that anything rooted in the earth was evocative of the ability of life itself to build and transform into something larger. I believe I was about 6 pounds at the time, and maybe he was thinking about me and that idea. Of course, it could have just been a loving gesture for my…

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I don’t know about you, but I remember a time when it seemed that an overriding sense of basic goodness in the world would always prevail over darker realities. That our shared history gleaned over centuries of strife pointed to the need for reason, collaboration, and a simple sense of right and wrong to thwart greed, opportunism, and debasement of all that is good.

Have I been wrong in thinking so? It seems to me we are at a defining moment, one which seems to ring like a bell to me. I so want to have that ring reverberate to…

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I’ve come to notice a few things about our six-feet-apartness. With all but eight states reopening at the time of this writing, the question remains how social distancing will fare as we begin. Truly, the stakes couldn’t be higher for some of us. We all know it’s awkward, communicating with our masks on, those of us who are true to keeping them on. But we simply must to protect the most vulnerable of us. For some it can be, to put it bluntly, a matter of six feet apart vs. six feet under. At least, that’s what we’ve seen. …

Margaret Lepera

Author, Creative Director, Actor, Singer, Reiki Master. Founder of The Intuitive Gesture coaching for individuals and corporations.

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